Phase 1

With the LP LOCKED and Ownership Renounced on ETH and PULSE chain, we will start the process to get listed on Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap. A quick rally from the trenches to get $KIKO Trending on twitter with our memetic power and smash past 100 unique wallets.

Phase 2

Start to build an army of Kiko community members with skill sets to grow new ideas / projects. Push Kiko hard on twitter, we are now over 20,000 followers and are support NFT-333 to get ready to launch. Ensure the space knows how Kiko and NFT-333 will work together and continue to network.

Phase 3

Yes we will push for a major listing, but this will come in time. Our success will help with this. The goal here is to educate the community on what to look for and to spread awareness about what we do as a project. Kikos team will work well with NFT-333 to grow the space.


Kiko and NFT-333 were never meant to join forces, but it made a lot of sense to have this collaboration. Anyone applying for funds will be fully checked and interviewed by Kiko and his team. This will give crypto and giving a new meaning. Kiko will be a community building dreams.